To guide you with your wedding limo service Hawaii transportation, here are a few useful pointers. Keep in mind that following these tips will make your wedding day even more enjoyable! 

Give Yourself Some Leeway, And Pay Attention! 

Preparation is key when it comes to planning your wedding day, particularly when it comes to transportation for your guests. You should plan your routes with a 30-minute “traffic cushion.” Even though you do not require this time cushion, you can use that extra time to breathe and relax for some time.  Be aware of any local activities taking place throughout your wedding day as well. You and your wedding guests’ travel time could be greatly extended if you were unaware of an upcoming parade, concert, march, or festival. 

Make a Plan and Stick to It 

It is highly recommended to provide them with the best routes to take from your wedding site to the picture shoot location to the reception site in advance. Yes, GPS systems are accessible for drivers these days, but planning your route ahead of time is always a good idea. In case your GPS gets broken, this can be a lifesaver in terms of time and frustration. You can’t always rely on technology, to be lost is the last thing you want on your wedding day. Provide your wedding day rental car with a list of all the addresses and an itinerary in advance to ensure a smooth ride. This way, the assigned drivers will be able to plan ahead of time. 

Consider Your Photographers 

Your wedding videographer and photographer will most likely have their vehicles to help them go around the venues. However, you should consider if you want to get video footage or photos of the trips. A lot of couples want to capture their post-ceremony and sweet photos while they ride in their car or limo. On the other hand, the limo is the perfect place for some couples to share private time. Regardless of what you want,  this is a recommendation that needs to be considered well in advance so that all parties involved are on the same page 

Ask About Food and Drinks, and Music. 

On your wedding day, you’ll be riding in a luxury vehicle, so why not go all out with drinks, food, and music? When booking a limo service for your wedding, make sure to inquire about any special requests you may have. If you have a specific type of champagne in mind, we’ll be happy to accommodate. Be mindful that this isn’t something that will happen on its own. Getting a limo with fully stocked drinks and food is something most couples and wedding parties expect when they rent the vehicle. Though, this must be specified when making the reservation. 

Pre-book Your Seats Now 

Many couples make the mistake of failing to reserve a limo or chauffeured vehicle in advance. As a result, individuals may likely wind-up overpaying or not receiving a car at all because of this. Your wedding date may make it impossible to get a car (for example, if it’s around prom season). It’s a good idea to reserve your wedding limo or car at least six months in advance.